Volume, Hybrid & Wispy Masterclass
(Online & In-Person)

What do you get from the VHW Masterclass?

On completion of your Masterclass you will confidently be able to complete Volume, Hybrid and Wispy Techniques. After the Live Training, Models and required number of practical hours (50 per discipline). Accompanied with the ongoing support of the Maori In Beauty Facebook Group & Troubleshooting Videos, you will confidently perform your new disciplines in a timely matter.

What does the VHW Masterclass cover?

Health & Safety / Creating a Study Space

  • Explain the correct and safe way to setup and pack away your study area with proper H&S practices

How to learn with us 

  • Learning Mindset and Micro--Learning Techniques.
    We will in essence teach you how to break down a discipline into modules and delivering them to you in a digestible way. 

Learn each discipline individually

  • Theory & Anatomy

  • Fan & Peak Techniques & Knowledge

  • Laying 

  • Tapeing 

  • In-depth adhesive knowledge

  • Station Setup & Cleanup

  • Troubleshooting

How is the VHW Masterclass delivered?

There is a Three-Part way we deliver both Online and In-Person Masterclass

1. Teaching the Modules
2. Live Demonstration by your Educator/Models

After the first two parts, if you meet all of the requirements we will award your completion certificate.

3. Trouble-Shooting

This option is an on-going supportive Facebook Group that will have targeted videos on how to vet your problems so that we may help solve them post-masterclass.

Does the online VHW masterclass include a kit?

No. VHW lash kits will be released soon! They will be available to purchase before the launch. Stay tuned for more info.

Does the in person VHW masterclass include a kit?

The VHW will include a mini starter kit however if you would like a full pro kit, you can purchase at extra cost.

How much does the VHW Masterclass Cost ?

Online: Normally $1499 Now on sale for $999
(Pre-Lauch Sale prices only apply to the first 10 Sign-up's)

In Person: Normally $2999 Now on sale for $1499 

(Pre-Lauch Sale prices only apply to the first 10 Sign-up's)