Shaping, Tinting and Waxing Techniques


Live Training, Models and required number of practical hours (50 per discipline)


Ongoing support of the Maori In Beauty Facebook Group & Troubleshooting Videos

How much does the BB Masterclass Cost ?

Online: Normally $999 Now on sale for $499
(Pre-Lauch Sale prices only apply to the first 10 Sign-up's)

In Person: Normally $1999 Now on sale for $999
(Pre-Lauch Sale prices only apply to the first 10 Sign-up's)

Does the online BB masterclass include a kit?

No. BB kits will be released soon! They will be available to purchase before the launch. Stay tuned for more info.

What does the BB Masterclass cover?

Health & Safety / Creating a Study Space

How is the BB Masterclass delivered?

  • Explain the correct and safe way to setup and pack away your study area with proper H&S practices

How to learn with us 

There is a Three-Part way we deliver both Online and In-Person Masterclass

1. Teaching the Modules
2. Live Demonstration by your Educator/Models

After the first two parts, if you meet all of the requirements we will award your completion certificate.

3. Trouble-Shooting

This option is an on-going supportive Facebook Group that will have targeted videos on how to vet your problems so that we may help solve them post-masterclass.

  • Learning Mindset and Micro--Learning Techniques.
    We will in essence teach you how to break down a discipline into modules and delivering them to you in a digestible way. 

Learn each discipline individually

  • Theory & Anatomy

  • Pre-Draw, Colour Matching, Wax Techniques & Knowledge

  • Brow History

  • Brow Shapes 

  • Basic Chemistry of Products/Patch Tests

  • Station Setup & Cleanup

  • Troubleshooting